"If it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, why do they keep score?

"I'm not engaged in a popularity contest, I want to win!"

"We have a rule. You didn't speak unless you can improve the silence."

"When Beard ran you counld smell the rubber burning."

"I see no reason to end the basketball season just so some of these schools can
start spring football practice early... Someday they are going to wake up and
realize that basketball is here to stay."

"If it matters not who wins, what's the scoreboard doing up there?"
-Adolph Rupp

"Everybody who played for Coack Rupp was intimidated bu him. Even the
servicemen that came back, mature men who had been through prison camps,
war and everything else."

"It was the Fabulous Five era, and I was the 8th of the five."

"My middle name stands for basketball"

"I don't know how they're could be any more pressure. The fans expect us
to win every game. These problems have always been at Kentucky. I'd hate
for it to get to the point where it wasn't."
-Joe B Hall

"The fans here have a passion here."

"This place is phenomenal. You feed off that adrenaline. I really think
this environment is a vital part of what's happening here."
-Dick Vitale

"Apparently the University of Kentucky basketball dynasty is to continue forever."
-Philadelphia Inquirer

"When you see Kentucky's fans, you just wonder. You think how wonderful it
would be to go to their school. You wish you could trade places for a day,
just so you could experience that feeling."
-UCLA player Kris Johnson

"I've seen all the programs, touching them as a coach, a player, and as an NBC
broadcast commentator. I have touched all the so-called capitals of basketball,
but when it gets down to it, the only true capital of basketball is Lexington.

"At Kentucky, basketball is a type of religion, such a fanatical obsession that they
expect to be the national champions every year, and they live and die with each game."

"They had it before you, they had it during you, they'll have it when you're gone."

"Kentucky puts 23,000 in Rupp Arena. If they built an arena seating 50,000,
there would still be a waiting list."
-Al McGuire

"Rupp convinced us we could do things we didn't know we could do."
-Frank Ramsey

"Coach Hall was a very tough coach, a very disciplined coach. I think he taught
me, not only about basketball, but also how to handle myself off the floor."
-Kyle Macy

"Rupp was never totally, totally satisfied."

"Some say they hated Rupp. Not Me. He was it as far as I was concerned. If he told
me to run through a brick wall, I would have to back up as far as it would take."

"To me, basketball was everything."

"Rupp would not accept defeat, and he didn't want anybody that played for him to
accept it. It always killed him, as it did us."
-Ralph Beard

"I saw the absolute reverence that this state has for the game of basketball."
-Bret Bearup

"The tradition is what amazed me because when you go around the world, and
the game has allowed me to do that, people talk about Kentucky basketball."
-Eddie Sutton

"They say that a grown mas isn't supposed to cry but I couldn't help but let
my tears flow when they played My Old Kentucky Home."
-Sam Bowie

"Basketball means just about the same thing in New York & Kentucky.
It's just that back home down here it's the only thing."
-Jamal Mashburn

"I think the entire state is overwhelmed by the University Of Kentucky."
-Wayne Chapman (Rex Chapman's Father)

"I don't think I realized how much Tom Kron & Larry Conley sacrificed to
allow Louie ans me to be the shooters on the team, to become All-Americans.
They were the real leaders, the spirit and the glue."
-Pat Riley

"Rupp, Hall, Sutton, Pitino were 4 very different personalities. But they had one
thing in common-they were driven to win, and each could flat out coach basketball."

"Jack 'Goose' Givens was a ballet dancer in sneakers."

"If a player ever came to Kentucky with a fanfare that preceded Rex Chapman,
it was lost to history."

"My last 3 years as the UK broadcaster, Pitino was the coach. I got to know him quite
well over that time, and I must admit they were the most enjoyable 3 years of my 39
with the wildcats. I still think his accomplishments border on a miracle."
-Cawood Ledford

"Kyle Macy is the greatest guard in the nation."
-Bobby Knight

"Perhaps Chapman was overwhelmed by his great 'white hope' popularity at Kentucky.
Even the city of Lexington was sometimes referred to as Rexington."
-Jamie H Vaught

Jamal Mashburn is an imported update of wildcat great Dan Issel; quiet,
relentless, a scoring threat both inside and out."
-Alexander Wolff (Sports Illustrated)

"Giving a basketball to Jamal Mashburn is like giving a bomb to a terrorist."
-Bob Oliva (NY High School Coach)

"Coach Rupp could be mean, but not mean spirited. It's just that he was very
disciplined. Most coaches kick you in the butt one minute and pat you on the
back the next. Rupp just kicked your butt all the time."
-Dan Issel

"It takes 6 to 8 years to get over playing for Coach Rupp. Once you get over
it, you get to like him."
-Vernon Hatton

"Rick Pitino could coach a soft breeze into a hurricane."
-Peter Vecsey (USA Today)

"We weren't ready to go home. We feel like we've got something to defend here.
We want to end our carreers on a high note. We just willed ourselves to win."
-Scott Padgett

"We respect Duke, but we don't fear them."
-Richie Farmer

"Anytime you are at Kentucky, people are going to be jealous because we have
the best fans, the best facilities, and the best tradition. That's part of like."
-Rick Pitino

"Givens played the finest game of any player I've ever played against."
-Jim Spanarkle (Duke)

"I’d just as soon freeze to death.” on being offered a Carolina jacket on a movie set. –Ashley Judd

"We were just screaming and yelling when we got back to the dressing room. It was
a big win for us. We had come back from 31 points down to LSU, and we had lost 2
in a row before that game. We could not believe what we had done! It's something
I know i'll always remember."
-Jeff Brassow

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